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Kaleidoscope – EIFF 2017

After a handful of short films and a codirecting credit, Kaleidoscope is the powerhouse solo directing debut from Rupert Jones starring the fantastic Toby Jones (his brother) and a career best turn from veteran talent Anne Reid.  Toby Jones has already made a name for himself in the thriller genre. 2012’s Berberian Sound Studio dropped him in the maddening world of horror movie sound design. Kaleidoscope is a similarly disorientating slow-burn psycho-thriller with a consummate, though entirely different, approach to splintering mind states.  […]

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Festival CoverageGFF 2017

The Demons – GFF 2017

French Canadian film The Demons, from director Philippe Lesage, peaks behind the curtain of suburban civility for a slow but powerful discussion on childhood, sexuality, and social relationships. In it, an adolescent boy named Felix begins to encounter the adult world in subtle, but dramatic ways.  Lesage is clearly an inquisitive and open-minded documentarian whose curiosity allows him to pry the deepest most private parts of life without seemingly rabidly intrusive. That’s an important […]

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