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The Invisible Man

Of all the classic Universal Monster movies, The Invisible Man is debatably the most terrifying. Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolfman are prey to thier own ghastly conditions, often painted as sympathetic figures. The Invisible Man however, based on the seminal sci-fi novel by H.G.Wells, is a different matter altogether. His discovery of an invisibility serum marks him a genius but […]

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Glasgow FrightFest 2014

Wolf Creek 2 – Glasgow FrightFest 2014

When it comes to horror sequels, something tends to get lost in translation; the follow up will rarely do more than enact round 2 of what the first one had to offer, upping the gore and shifting the set-pieces. The films that survive seem to be the ones that throw their eggs in the proverbial […]

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