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Decent scares are hard to come by, but Demian Rugna’s Terrified is a sure-fire bet for even the most hardened of

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Temple – DVD Review

There’s a lot of BS floating around just now regarding the writing credit on William Barrett’s directorial debut Temple. If you’re to believe the posters, Temple is the latest potentially lucrative film from the mind of Simon Barrett, writer behind The Guest, You’re Next, and last year’s surprise Blair Witch sequel. 

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EIFF 2017Festival Coverage

Snow Woman – EIFF 2017

Ghost Woman, the debut feature film from Kiki Sugino, draws inspiriation from Japanese folklore and the classic story of Kaidan. For some viewers, the film may feel overly familiar but it’s a charming, fresh-faced, and self-aware take on an old story. Sugino draws inspiration from the two previous film adaptations, but allows her own eerie […]

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DbD 2016Festival Coverage

We Go On – DbD 2016

When it comes to ghost stories, a film can often lose its audience through repetition, showing us things we’ve already seen a hundred times, We Go On is not one of those films. Directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton have already made a name for themselves at Dead by Dawn with their intriguing woods-flick YellowBrickRoad […]

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The Other Side of the Door – Glasgow FrightFest 2016

From Johannes Roberts comes The Other Side of the Door, a supernatural horror film that plays out like Pet Cemetery in India, whilst also marking Roberts’ first foray into studio horror. The film tells the story of grieving parents Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies– The Walking Dead) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto – May) who are recovering from the untimely death […]

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The Last Shift – Blu-Ray

Anthony DiBlasi’s latest offering is the Assault on Precinct 13-inspired Last Shift, a relatively solid excursion into supernatural territory with some great scares up its sleeve and some nice references on its mind.

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Sinister 2 – Blu-Ray

Ciaran Foy’s Sinister 2, the follow up to Scott Derickson and C. Robert Cargill’s supernatural terror tale of 2012, is arguably one of the sequels that garnered the most buzz in 2015. Where the first Sinister was steeped in dangerous supernatural vibes and sported some of the most paranoid filmmaking techniques in a contemporary horror, […]

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We Are Still Here – Blu-Ray

Continuing the contemporary trend of hopelessly unabashed nostalgia, Ted Geoghegen’s We Are Still Here is a love letter to classic 70’s haunted house movies with a superb cast of cult stars.

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Festival Coverage

The Entity – DVD

When Eduardo Schultz found footage horror film The Entity starts, you’ll be wondering if this spook-venture is worth even switching on. Can you really watch another hour and twenty minutes of screaming in the dark? Thankfully, the Peruvian feature (not to be confused with the superb 1982 Barbara Hershey film) does have enough interesting ideas […]

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Festival CoverageSundance 2015

Hellions – Sundance 2015

Hellions, the latest from Canadian director Bruce McDonald is overwhelmingly disappointing considering how impressive his 2008 horror venture Pontypool was. On

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