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DbD 2018Festival Coverage

Mon Mon Mon Monsters – DbD 2018

Mon mon mon Monsters, pronounced as if Scooby Doo was saying it, is a odd horror drama about lonely high school life,

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EIFF 2017Festival Coverage

Bad Kids of Crestview High – EIFF 2017

Bad Kids of Crestview High, the sequel to 2014’s Haunting at Crestview High (aka Bad Kids Go to Hell), is every bit as daft and inane as it’s predecessor. Based on Barry Werwick’s graphic novel, its a silly slasher

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Bad Kids Go to Hell – DVD Review

Haunting of Crestview High actually takes the biscuit when it comes to lazy horror comedy. Riffing on The Breakfast Club with some seriously misguided “postmodern elements”, the film is clearly trying to be a nihilistic update of the classic 80’s sit-com, but doesn’t stop for a second to ponder whether that’s a worthwhile concept.

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