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An epic Indian fable with a heart of horror, Tumbbad is one of the most unique horror films currently available on Amazon Prime. From first time directors Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, and Adesh Prasad,  Indian export Tumbbad made waves with its debut at Fantastic Fest in 2018, for good reason. Its blend of pristinely realised period setting, gorgeous location shooting, and Lovecraftian […]

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All the Gods in the Sky – DbD 2019

Tous les Dieux du Ciel (All the Gods in the Sky), from French director Quarxxx, is an incredibly bold piece of genre filmmaking and a spellbinding debut to boot. Nodding carefully to the surrealist likes of David Lynch, the body horror of David Cronenberg, the unfathomable terror of Lovecraft, and the stark realism of the […]

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From Beyond – Blu-ray Review

Stuart Gordon is one of those icons of Horror who can never really be touched by anyone else, his style is so recognisable and his films garner more following than Jesus

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