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Luz – DbD 2019

Entrancing and elusive, Tilman Singer’s debut feature film Luz was the stand-out film of Edinburgh’s Dead by Dawn festival 2019. Playing out like an Avant Garde possession story, Luz follows a young cab driver’s (Luana Velis) desperate attempts to flee a demonic entity hell-bent on reuniting with its true love. At first Luz feels like […]

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EIFF 2016Festival Coverage

FirstBorn – EIFF 2016

Firstborn, the debut feature from Nirpal Bhogal, is a surprisingly effective hark-back to supernatural domestic thrillers of the 70s. Charlie (Antonia Thomas) and James (Luke Norris) are a young couple with a new born baby which appears to attract supernatural attention. As time goes by and baby Thea grows up, the family find themselves increasingly […]

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Festival CoverageGlasgow FrightFest 2016

Anguish – Glasgow FrightFest 2016

Anguish is Sonny Mallhi’s directorial debut and third screenplay after The Roommate and Crush, two films that typify a brand of wishy-washy studio high school horror that seems oddly placed on the CV of the man who produced hits like The Strangers and Shutter. Anguish shows Mallhi’s most purposeful stride into the horror genre with […]

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The Lords of Salem – Blu-ray Review

Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem is the biggest jump in quality and ambition you’ll see on a filmmaking CV this year. It would be short-sighted to call it his magnum opus, but its certainly the most unique thing on his CV so far, and a high benchmark for future work. Zombie’s brand of heavy […]

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