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EIFF 2017Festival Coverage

Pilgrimage – EIFF 2017

Whilst most of the praised Irish produce of the past few years has been horror, Brendan Muldowney’s Pilgrimage provides an unforgiving trip into the rarer realm of British swords ‘n’ sandals adventure. The film follows a group of priests who leave the rural confines of their secluded abbey to escort a holy relic on a […]

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DbD 2016Festival Coverage

K-Shop – DbD 2016

Horror films, like most films, can really benefit from acidic social commentary and Dan Pringle’s K-Shop is one acidic film. The UK’s relationship with booze has always been a problematic one and Pringle turns on the debate with feverish zeal, presenting a bleak glimpse at one town’s struggle with a perilous drinking culture.

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Festival CoverageGFF 2016

Couple in a Hole – GFF 2016

Only Tom Geen’s second feature film (after 2009’s Menteur) Couple in a Hole is a bold and startlingly pained microstudy. The film follows an apparently well-to-do Scottish couple, played by Kate Dickie (The Witch) and Paul Higgins (The Thick of It), live like savages deep in the heart of a forest in Provincial France.

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EIFF 2013Festival Coverage

Leviathan – EIFF 2013

One of the most intriguing films of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival is the experimental documentary piece Leviathan; an abstract look at the relationship between man and nature. It won’t be for everyone, in fact it will probably appeal to a smaller part of the audience who have the patience to endure its 87 […]

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