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The Predator

It’s been over 30 years since the Predator first stomped onto our screens, yet the inter-galactic hunter hasn’t quite had the success of his contemporaries. Even though the Predators are as instantly recognisable as Alien,

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DbD 2016Festival Coverage

Antibirth – DbD 2016

Danny Perez’s colourful stoner horror Antibirth is the kind of post 9/11 Rosemary’s Baby update a lot of people will really enjoy. With a cast of cult regulars like Natasha Lyonne, Chloe Sevigny, Meg Tilly, and Marc Webber Antibirth is packed with charismatic, dedicated performances that charm from start to finish.

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The Blood Harvest – DVD Review

A low budget independent horror film is not necessarily a bad horror film, but George Clarke’s The Blood Harvest is a tiring exercise in scuzzy low-end high-school filmmaking, the kind that isn’t worth your time.

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