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Train to Busan – DVD Review

Last year Yeon Sang-Ho’s animated horror Seoul Station plotted the course of a viral outbreak in South Korea with solid, but not groundbreaking, results. The hype for Sang-Ho’s debut live-action film has been unparalleled and the reviews overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Thankfully its deserved. Seok-Woo (Yoo Gong- Age of Shadows) is a self-serving businessman with little time […]

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Resident Evil The Final Chapter: A Perfect End to a Perfect Romance

It’s no secret that I adore the Resident Evil films. Paul W.S. Anderson’s sprawling multi-million dollar adaptation of the classic Capcom video games has been a rollercoaster of joyous inconsistency and big-budget thrills since its inception back in 2003. Anderson’s franchise full-stop The Final Chapter elicits as buoyant a response as you might expect. 

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EIFF 2016Festival Coverage

Seoul Station – EIFF 2016

Yeon Sang-Ho, the South Korean director who brought us animated thrillers The King of Pigs and The Fake, returns to with zombie film Seoul Station. Yes, zombies might be done to death (couldn’t resist) but there’s still room for fun in that swamped sub-genre.

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DbD 2016Festival Coverage

Astrea – DbD 2016

Kristjan Thor’s Astraea is the kind of post-apocalyptic film that will find it hard to stick with an audience. Bravely, though not surprisingly, the film is entirely void of the usual suspects: there are no zombies, robots, critters, aliens, or nuclear freaks to populate the sparse world of Astraea, but that’s ok. In a world […]

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