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The Tunnel

When we discuss the lesser known found footage horror hits of the 2000’s, we talk about Lake Mungo, Noroi, and The Poughkeepsie Tapes. But Australian crowd-backed venture The Tunnel is still criminally underrated and not often mentioned alongside those unsung contemporary classics. The mockumentary film from Carlo Ledesma is a stunning example of found footage […]

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Lake Mungo – The Saddest Scariest Movie of the 21st Century

Of all the 00’s found footage films none perhaps have achieved the underground adoration of Joel Anderson’s Lake Mungo. The Australian Indy underdog made waves at film festivals but never achieved a full cinematic release, instead sneaking quietly onto DVD and floating insidiously out into the world with little fanfare bar word-of-mouth.   It deserved so much more.  […]

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Body Melt

In the 80’s and 90s Australian TV cranked out some of the most intense public service announcements released anywhere on the globe. The aim? To scare the living shit out of any potential drug users and drunk drivers. Philip Brophy’s 1993 horror film Body Melt takes a page out of the anti-drug PSA’s book and savages the […]

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DbD 2018Festival Coverage

Rabbit – DbD 2018

Twin Horror is one of the oldest tricks in the horror hand book. For hundreds of years folk lore and film have regarded

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Wyrmwood – DVD Review

Wyrmwood, the stunning debut feature from Kiah Roache-Turner is an impressive foray into the world of schlocky hand-made horror by a group of filmmakers dedicated to the ideals of Indy cinema. And it totally works.

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Festival CoverageSundance 2015

Partisan – Sundance 2015

Ariel Kleiman’s Partisan, co-written with Sarah Cyngler, was one of the most intriguing and well-executed features of

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DbD 2014Festival Coverage

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla – DBD 2014

Stuart Simpson’s Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla is a strange but welcome kind of cathartic character study. Warren (Glenn Maynard) is an ice cream man, he lives alone with his cat and tunes in daily to his favourite soap opera. However, after an awful accident, Warren’s life begins to spiral out of control: he becomes dangerously obsessed […]

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Monstro! – DVD Review

Rarely do we get a chance to see shameless grindhouse features hell bent on fast paced schlock and rip-roaring fun, and it’s on those grounds that Australian independent

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