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Suitable Flesh

After wowing crowds at Fantastia Fest and Frightfest hype for Joe Lynch’s latest film Suitable Flesh has been high. Adapted from Lovecraft’s ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’ by Dennis Paoli (the man behind Stuart Gordon’s iconic 80’s Lovecraft adaptations) Suitable Flesh is a camp creeping tale of spiritual terror and body swapping led by two […]

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We Are Still Here – Blu-Ray

Continuing the contemporary trend of hopelessly unabashed nostalgia, Ted Geoghegen’s We Are Still Here is a love letter to classic 70’s haunted house movies with a superb cast of cult stars.

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Festival Coverage

From Beyond – Blu-ray Review

Stuart Gordon is one of those icons of Horror who can never really be touched by anyone else, his style is so recognisable and his films garner more following than Jesus

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