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Halloween Kills

For a lifelong Halloween fan, David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills, the much-anticipated sequel to his 2018 reboot, is a gory gift bag of tricks ‘n’ treats. For those who enjoyed the fan service, visceral kills, and return to the franchise’s roots in 2018, there’s more of that and then some.   After an thrilling flashback to […]

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Halloween (2018)

The buzz around David Gordon Green’s Halloween has been insane. Fresh blood behind the lens, the blessings of franchise instigator/genre icon John Carpenter, and the return of Jamie Lee Curtis to a role that launched her career back in 1978. If you ignore Rob Zombie’s remake and it’s sequel,

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EIFF 2014Festival Coverage

Joe – EIFF 2014

Arguably the most impressive proof of a director’s versatility at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, Joe is the latest offering from David Gordon Green. It’s a striking kind of American film, miles away from the dark Gothic Americana of Jim Mickle’s Cold in July but still very much a Deep South film of dusk […]

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