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DbD 2016Festival Coverage

Sorgenfri – DbD 2016

What We Become (also known as Sorgenfri) is the feature debut of Danish writer/director Bo Mikkelsen, a prolific maker of short films for nearly twenty years. The film is touted as the first post-apocalyptic Danish zombie flick and, perhaps surprisingly, the only zombie film on Dead by Dawn’s 2016 bill. Like last year’s Danish entry, […]

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Festival CoverageGFF 2016

Men & Chicken – GFF 2016

Anders Thomas Jensen’s Men and Chicken is something of an event film, marking the end of a ten year hiatus from directing duties sicne 2005’s Adam’s Apples. Jensen has continued a prolific career as a screenwriter on films like The Duchess and The Salvation, but a return to directing his own work is a welcome […]

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DbD 2015Festival Coverage

When Animals Dream – DbD 2015

One of the most interesting aspects of being a horror fan is getting to see the continual resurrection of classic monsters. It feels like an offense to call Jonas Alexander Arnby’s When Animals Dream a monster film, but it’s essentially an abstract version of a classic story; fresh and clean, with a great sense of […]

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