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Saint Maud

Saint Maud, from director Rose Glass, finds religious obsession and psycho-sexual horror on the Whitby coast. The film is a surprisingly underhanded showcase for debut director Glass, not to mention her crew of British talent. Following in the footsteps of DePalma and Friedkin, the latest genre offering from A24 follows the studio’s penchant for quietly […]

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Gretel & Hansel

Whichever version of the story you read as a kid, it usually takes a few years for the inherent brutality of Hansel and Gretel to dawn. As far as Grimm fairy tales go, it’s one of the grimmest, and has been brought to startling life by Oz Perkins in Gretel & Hansel, a feminist reinterpretation led by IT’s Sophia […]

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Festival CoverageSundance 2015

The Witch – Sundance 2015

Robert Eggers debut feature as writer/director, The Witch, is the kind of abstract horror feature that can either flounder in

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Livid – DVD Review

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have already made a sound debut in the form of 2007’s Inside, so their second feature, Livid, is due to cause some excitement amongst horror fans. The pair’s second film is an atmospheric and visually inventive take on the ‘old haunted house story’ and among other things probably one of […]

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