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Suitable Flesh

After wowing crowds at Fantastia Fest and Frightfest hype for Joe Lynch’s latest film Suitable Flesh has been high. Adapted from Lovecraft’s ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’ by Dennis Paoli (the man behind Stuart Gordon’s iconic 80’s Lovecraft adaptations) Suitable Flesh is a camp creeping tale of spiritual terror and body swapping led by two […]

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Festival CoverageGlasgow FrightFest 2016

The Mind’s Eye – Glasgow FrightFest 2016

The Mind’s Eye, second feature film by Almost Human writer/director Joe Begos, is a substantial step forward from his low-key debut, which we reviewed three years ago at Toronto Film Festival. In those three years, Begos has developed considerably. Where Almost Human felt tacked together by its love, passion, and visual effects, The Mind’ Eye […]

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Festival CoverageTIFF 2013

Almost Human – TIFF 2013

The main problem with Almost Human is that its poster is almost cooler and more grabbing than the film itself. The feel of the film exudes a kind of B-movie charm and

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