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We Are Still Here – Blu-Ray

Continuing the contemporary trend of hopelessly unabashed nostalgia, Ted Geoghegen’s We Are Still Here is a love letter to classic 70’s haunted house movies with a superb cast of cult stars.

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Bad Kids Go to Hell – DVD Review

Haunting of Crestview High actually takes the biscuit when it comes to lazy horror comedy. Riffing on The Breakfast Club with some seriously misguided “postmodern elements”, the film is clearly trying to be a nihilistic update of the classic 80’s sit-com, but doesn’t stop for a second to ponder whether that’s a worthwhile concept.

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The Quiet Ones – Blu-Ray Review

Hammer productions, the British heavyweight in horror, has a varied and vivid history spanning some 60 years.

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DbD 2014Festival Coverage

Oculus – Dead By Dawn 2014

If you’re a horror fan, chances are you’ve come to peace with the fact your viewing career will be a long and arduous journey punctuated with few notable ventures. Luckily, films like Mike Flanagan’s Oculus pop up every now and again to seed new hope in the mainstream genre.

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EIFF 2013Festival Coverage

The Conjuring – EIFF 2013

James Wan, member of the “Splat-pack”, writer/director of Saw, cult purveyor, herald of the dingy urban horror, a new talent that’s spent the past decade bolstering his CV with some really wonderful films aimed at the sort of people who enjoyed the same late night Hammer marathons as he did in his youth, has a […]

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