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Gretel & Hansel

Whichever version of the story you read as a kid, it usually takes a few years for the inherent brutality of Hansel and Gretel to dawn. As far as Grimm fairy tales go, it’s one of the grimmest, and has been brought to startling life by Oz Perkins in Gretel & Hansel, a feminist reinterpretation led by IT’s Sophia […]

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DbD 2019Festival Coverage

All the Gods in the Sky – DbD 2019

Tous les Dieux du Ciel (All the Gods in the Sky), from French director Quarxxx, is an incredibly bold piece of genre filmmaking and a spellbinding debut to boot. Nodding carefully to the surrealist likes of David Lynch, the body horror of David Cronenberg, the unfathomable terror of Lovecraft, and the stark realism of the […]

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EIFF 2018Festival Coverage

Possum – EIFF 2018

Possum, the debut feature film from Mathew Holness, is a decrepit psychological horror indebted to the psycho-thriller hits of the 60’s and

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DbD 2018Festival Coverage

Knuckleball – DbD 2018

If like me you’re a total sucker for decent home invasion, Michael Peterson’s Knuckleball is a debut worth checking out. Home invasion is an old stalwart fixture of the horror genre and every decade has its hits, from Black Christmas in the 70’s to Funny Games in the 90’s, there’s been plenty to fear from […]

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EIFF 2017Festival Coverage

Bad Kids of Crestview High – EIFF 2017

Bad Kids of Crestview High, the sequel to 2014’s Haunting at Crestview High (aka Bad Kids Go to Hell), is every bit as daft and inane as it’s predecessor. Based on Barry Werwick’s graphic novel, its a silly slasher

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Festival CoverageGFF 2017

The Demons – GFF 2017

French Canadian film The Demons, from director Philippe Lesage, peaks behind the curtain of suburban civility for a slow but powerful discussion on childhood, sexuality, and social relationships. In it, an adolescent boy named Felix begins to encounter the adult world in subtle, but dramatic ways.  Lesage is clearly an inquisitive and open-minded documentarian whose curiosity allows him to pry the deepest most private parts of life without seemingly rabidly intrusive. That’s an important […]

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EIFF 2016Festival Coverage

FirstBorn – EIFF 2016

Firstborn, the debut feature from Nirpal Bhogal, is a surprisingly effective hark-back to supernatural domestic thrillers of the 70s. Charlie (Antonia Thomas) and James (Luke Norris) are a young couple with a new born baby which appears to attract supernatural attention. As time goes by and baby Thea grows up, the family find themselves increasingly […]

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Among the Living – Blu-Ray Review

Among the Living is the latest film from Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the French duo who first made a name for themselves with the shocking home

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Blu-rayDVDFestival CoverageGlasgow FrightFest 2016Reviews

The Other Side of the Door – Glasgow FrightFest 2016

From Johannes Roberts comes The Other Side of the Door, a supernatural horror film that plays out like Pet Cemetery in India, whilst also marking Roberts’ first foray into studio horror. The film tells the story of grieving parents Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies– The Walking Dead) and Michael (Jeremy Sisto – May) who are recovering from the untimely death […]

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Sinister 2 – Blu-Ray

Ciaran Foy’s Sinister 2, the follow up to Scott Derickson and C. Robert Cargill’s supernatural terror tale of 2012, is arguably one of the sequels that garnered the most buzz in 2015. Where the first Sinister was steeped in dangerous supernatural vibes and sported some of the most paranoid filmmaking techniques in a contemporary horror, […]

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