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Festival CoverageGlasgow FrightFest 2016

The Wave – Glasgow FrightFest 2016

Roar Uthuag’s The Wave has already captured the imaginations of the Norwegian people, earning one of Norway’s highest opening weekends whilst also becoming the country entry for the 88th Academy Awards. Uthaug’s superb snowy slasher Cold Prey was a hit for horror audiences the world over, spawning two sequels and securing the director’s place in […]

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EIFF 2014Festival Coverage

In Order of Disappearance – EIFF 2014

Hans Petter Moland’s In Order of Disappearance is as slick and indifferent as the cold environment it occurs in. Originally titled ‘The Prize Idiot’, the film follows Nils Dickman (Stellan Skarsgard), a quiet dedicated snow-plough who becomes a furious force of vengeance when his son is murdered by a drug cartel.

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