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Clownsploitation: Clowns in the Horror Genre

For me clowns have never been scary, just odd. For the horror genre, clowns are an easy fix; ready made monsters building increasingly ominous public relations with a dubious audience. Last year American Horror Story; Freakshow pulled clowns into the spotlight with the macabre Twisty. Jon Watts’ Clown has already kicked

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Pi – Blu-ray Review

Darren Aronofsky’s debut feature Pi celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a refurbed and repackaged Blu-ray release, so it’s the perfect time to revisit everyone’s favourite head-fuck mathematics film.

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EIFF 2013Festival Coverage

Magic Magic – EIFF 2013

Tonally speaking Magic Magic hits the nail on the head, achieving from start to finish the truly disconcerting vibe of an oncoming storm. From the word go, things seem to be

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