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Child’s Play (2019)

Lars Klevberg’s Child’s Play remake was crazy controversial on announcement. Understandable when Don Mancini, original Child’s Play creator and producer, is still writing and directing Chucky films. The latest, Cult of Chucky, got a lot of love on release last year, whilst pre-emptive buzz around the remake was fairly negative. However, Klevberg and co have […]

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Suspiria 2018

Tremble, Tremble!!! The Witches are Back… Remakes can be controversial, especially in the horror genre. The fandom around genre classics can get territorial, defensive over their nostalgia, enraged at the very idea of a new “insert film here”. When Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria was announced, there was a very particular type of confused rage. Guadagnino is […]

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown – Blu-Ray Review

Alfonzo Gomez-Rejon’s 2014 remake of Charles B. Pierce’s cult classic The Town That Dreaded Sundown is a surprisingly entertaining revisit around a new set of murders sixty-five years after the original Texarkana Moonlight Murders.

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Knock Knock – Sundance 2015

First off, Knock Knock is Eli Roth’s fifth and arguably most accomplished feature to date, redeeming his CV after hollow hark-back cannibal flick, The Green Inferno.

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13 Sins – Dead By Dawn 2014

Daniel Stamm’s 13 Sins, a remake of Thai film 13: Game of Death, is the disturbing tale of one man’s descent into crime and degradation. After receiving a mysterious phone call, debt-ridden Elliot Brindle (Marc Webber) is set on a path to riches, all he has to do is complete a bizarre series of tasks. […]

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