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Train to Busan – DVD Review

Last year Yeon Sang-Ho’s animated horror Seoul Station plotted the course of a viral outbreak in South Korea with solid, but not groundbreaking, results. The hype for Sang-Ho’s debut live-action film has been unparalleled and the reviews overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Thankfully its deserved. Seok-Woo (Yoo Gong- Age of Shadows) is a self-serving businessman with little time […]

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Festival CoverageGFF 2017

Age of Shadows – GFF 2017

Korean director Kim Jee-Woon made a name for himself in horror, with films like A Tale of Two Sisters and gruelling serial killer thriller I Saw the Devil. From there he’s made outlandish Western The Good, the Bad, and The Weird, not to mention reintroduced Schwarzenegger in US mad action caper The Last Stand. Age of Shadows is his latest film and follows the exploits of Korean rebels seeking to overthrow Japanese invaders during the 1920’s  After an exhilarating opening the film launches straight into an exhilarating, freight train of espionage. Train […]

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EIFF 2016Festival Coverage

Seoul Station – EIFF 2016

Yeon Sang-Ho, the South Korean director who brought us animated thrillers The King of Pigs and The Fake, returns to with zombie film Seoul Station. Yes, zombies might be done to death (couldn’t resist) but there’s still room for fun in that swamped sub-genre.

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EIFF 2014Festival Coverage

Night Flight – EIFF 2014

Night Flight is the name of an old abandoned gay bar, once covertly operated in an apartment block. Here two young men meet up periodically to discuss gay life in contemporary Korea. As they stand on the roof, chain smoking under a sunset sky, the ominous sounds of the planes overhead and traffic down below […]

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Festival CoverageTIFF 2013

Cold Eyes – TIFF 2013

One of the most accomplished and stand-out features at Toronto International Film festival this year is the slick, fierce, and ingenious Korean thriller Cold Eyes.

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